At Bent Hansen we are against the throw-away society. We have a critical view of overconsumption and excessive production of shot-lived or disposable items. Focusing on minimizing our environmental impact, we are committed to improving our business practices to continuously achieving a higher level of sustainability.

Our sustainability policy is underpinned by the following guiding principles:

  • Design philosophy // We only bring furniture to the market, we feel has a true raison d’être; designs that are not part of a temporary trend but have the potential of becoming timeless classics.
  • Materials // We use high quality materials that last for decades and reduce the need to buy new furniture.
  • Sales policy // We practice stabile, annual pricing instead of launching frequent, seasonal sales and campaigns encouraging overconsumption.
  • Suppliers // We carefully select suppliers that have a responsible approach to their production. Our suppliers are focusing on minimizing their environmental impact. They have the capacity to solve multiple parts of the manufacturing process in-house and thereby reduce CO2 load associated with transport. All our furniture is manufactured in Europe.
  • Leather // All our upholstered furniture is available with a semi aniline leather that has been rewarded with “The Blue Angel” label that certifies the leather’s eco-friendly quality.
  • Textiles // The majority of the standard textiles listed on Bent Hansen’s price list are rapidly renewable and compostable and hold the EU ecolabel “The Flower”.
  • Paper & Carboard // All paper and cardboard waste from the administration at Bent Hansen are recycled.
  • Leftover materials // Leftover foam, fabrics and leather are donated to ‘Råt og Godt’ – a local socially responsible and sustainable business whose vision is to give both people and materials a second chance.

FSCTM is dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide and helps take care of the forests for future generations.

Bent Hansen is certified to produce FSCTM certified furniture (FSCTM C138925). FSCTM ensures that wooden products are responsibly sourced and supporting responsible management of the world’s forests. Look for our FSCTM certified variants on this website.