leather from organic danish animals

We are happy to announce, that we are now offering our furniture to be upholstered in 100% traceable leather from organic, danish cows.

Animals used for SPOOR leather have enjoyed some of the highest standards of animal welfare in the world.
Furniture upholstered with SPOOR leather, can be traced back to the animal who provided it.
By choosing SPOOR leather, you are choosing animal welfare, craftsmanship and transparency.

Leather from danish organic hides

“Traceability makes it possible for us as a furniture manufacturer to guarantee that the cows lived an organic life on a Danish farm, where animal welfare scores two out of three hearts under the Danish governmental animal welfare label, “Better Animal Welfare”. These are insights that we have never had available in the furniture industry before, and which give our furniture a unique story to tell”.

Henrik Hvid Hansen, Creative Director and third-generation owner of Bent Hansen.

SPOOR leather

SPOOR is part of Denmark’s last remaining tannery, Scan-Hide based on Funen. Through 100% documentation, the company ensures that every single piece of leather can be traced back to the farm and the individual animal. Our collaboration with SPOOR enables us to offer our customers furniture upholstered in leather from organic, Danish animals.

Watch the journey from farm to furniture below.

Traceability is key

In the furniture industry, the path from cow to finished leather furniture is usually impossible to trace. The exact country of origin of the hide is often unknown. The same applies to the level of animal welfare that the individual cow had. SPOOR, part of Denmark’s last remaining tannery, has cracked the code to creating transparency.


Our SPOOR leather is available in two colours: cognac and black.

If you are interested in any of our products made with SPOOR leather, please contact us.

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