Designer: Bent Hansen Studio

Up the Wall


Shelf in imitated oak finish. Up The Wall is a flexible shelving system that invites co-creation. The shelves are sold in packages with one short and one long shelf that together form an asymmetrical cross. Assemble multiple sets of shelves and create your own unique storage solution customized for your needs. The load capacity is 5 kg.

Also available in finish: walnut.

From 257,00

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1 set of shelves
Colli: 1
Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: w: 36 cm, l: 84 cm, h: 7 cm
Volume: 0,02 m3
4 set of shelves
Colli: 1
Weight: 23 kg
Dimensions: w: 23 cm, l: 43 cm, h: 85 cm
Volume: 0,08 m3

It's a fine line between order and chaos

Let thin lines branch out in a minimalistic and graphic pattern that brings character to the wall and order to your clutter.