Designer: Bent Hansen Studio

Primum Lounge Chair

Ricco fabric 21

Primum Lounge Chair is a laid-back member of the Primum furniture family. The lounge chair is not just a show piece furniture – it is designed to be used and loved for its comfort. Primum Lounge Chair is upholstered with flexible back support that offers great seat comfort regardless of your body shape.

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Height: 74 cm
Depth: 70 cm
Width: 77 cm
Seat height: 38 cm
Seat depth: 55 cm
Seat width: 62 cm
Base width: 60 cm

Fabric – click to view:

Leather – click to view:

Swivel Base – choose between:

  • Black powder-coated steel.
  • Brushed stainless steel.

Colli: 1

With armrests
Weight: 31 kg
Dimensions: w: 76 cm, l: 85 cm, h: 81 cm
Volume: 0,52 m3

W/O armrests
Weight: 23 kg
Dimensions: w: 81 cm, l: 82 cm, h: 67 cm
Volume: 0,45 m3

EN 16139:2013, Furniture – Strength, durability and safety – Requirements for non domestic seating

EN 16139 Test severity L1: General use: E.g. in office buildings, showrooms, public halls, function rooms, cafés, restaurants, canteens, banks, bars.

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Fabric – click to view:

Leather – click to view:

Swivel Base – choose between:

  • Black powder-coated steel
  • Brushed stainless steel.

Bouclé Bliss

The Ricco bouclé fabric adds an extra layer of tactile delight to Primum lounge chair – soft to the touch and invitingly cozy. The unique texture of bouclé with its distinctive looped yarns not only offers a pleasing visual appeal but also enhances the tactile experience. The characteristic irregularity of the Ricco fabric makes every moment spent in the chair a sensory journey.

Primum Lounge Chair is available in a wide range of fabulous fabrics and luscious leather qualities. Choose between powder-coated steel or brushed stainless steel.

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