Designer: Gitte Salling

Metro coffee table

D: 45 cm; H: 55 cm, Grigio Antrim

Metro table is the essence of urban simplicity. The construction of the table legs is inspired by London’s iconic underground system. Arrange multiple tables of different shapes, heights and sizes or use them individually.

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Diameter: 45 cm
Height: 55 cm

Table top – choose between:


  • Smokey Blue
  • Conifer Green


  • Nero Ingo
  • Grigio Antrim

Core: CDF

Legs are dark grey powder-coated steel.

Table ø 45 cm
Colli: 1
Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: w: 50 cm, l: 50 cm, h: 45 cm
Volume: 0,11 m3

Table ø 55 cm
Colli: 1
Weight: 6 kg
Dimensions: w: 60 cm, l: 60 cm, h: 55 cm
Volume: 0,2 m3

Table ø 65 cm
Colli: 1
Weight: 8 kg
Dimensions: w: 70 cm, l: 70 cm, h: 50 cm
Volume: 0,25 m3

Table ø 80 cm
Colli: 1
Weight: 10 kg
Dimensions: w: 85 cm, l: 85 cm, h: 50 cm
Volume: 0,36 m3

Table square
Colli: 1
Weight: 12 kg
Dimensions: w: 60 cm, l: 115 cm, h: 45 cm
Volume: 0,31 m3

Table top in laminate

Daily cleaning of the table top is done with an ordinary cloth rung out with hot water. If needed add all-purpose cleaner.

For a deep clean you can use a cleaner for laminate surfaces or a melamine sponge which also reduces fine scratches in the surface. Be careful with the sponge as it has a light abrasive effect.

Table top linoleum
Daily cleaning: Clean with a damp cloth, optional a pH-neutral cleaner can be used.

Urban simplicity

Danish designer Gitte Salling found inspiration for the Metro coffee tables in London’s iconic underground system. The construction of the table legs echoes the network of subway lines, creating a visually captivating piece for your living room. The design boasts clean lines and a contemporary aesthetic that effortlessly blends into any modern interior.