Designer: Ditte Buus Nielsen

Element Lamp Green

Multi-purpose lamp with glas dome and base of stained beech. Element Lamp is also available in blue.

1.251,00 DKK

H: 20 cm
Diameter: 10 cm

Socket: E27
Max watt: 4W
LED CE approved

Colli: 1
Weight: 1 kg
Dimensions: w: 13 cm, l: 23 cm, h: 13 cm
Volume: 0,01 m3

Socket: E27
Max watt: 4W
LED CE approved

three lamps in one

Element Lamp is three lamps in one. Use it as table lamp for cosy lighting, mount it on the wall or turn it into a pendant. If you whish to use Element Lamp as a pendant, click here to buy pendant kit + lamp.

treasures at the jumble sale

Designer Ditte Buus Nielsen came up with the idea for the lamp after having bought a few glass domes at a jumble sale.

The glass was normally used for lamps in barns and garages, but the beautiful and honest form was almost asking the designer to take it out of its usual surroundings and place it in her home.

Ditte Buus Nielsen tells that the name, Element Lamp, occurred to her during the design process.

”I wanted the lamp to consist of as few elements as possible, and at the same time I found it important that you could dismantle the lamp and reuse the materials in the most sustainable way possible.”