Designer: Bent Hansen Studio

Button-Up cognac

Button-Up is a collection of coathooks that adds a graphic look to your entrance hall or conference room. Combine with several hooks in a row or arrange them randomly to make a pattern on the wall. This hook is both practical and functional, but also aesthetically beautiful as it is upholstered in soft leather. The Button-Up hooks are produced in the same way as upholstered buttons, and their small aluminum spacers make them easy to mount on the wall. Button-Up can also be mounted on the hallstand Hang-Up.

453,00 DKK

Colli: 1
Weight: 1 kg
Dimensions: w: 12 cm, l: 12 cm, h: 8 cm
Volume: 0,01 m3

Pretty and practical

Create a decorative, dotted pattern on your wall with the coat hooks Button-Ups in soft leather.