Designer: Rikke Frost

Aware Sofa

Ricco fabric 15

The Aware sofa, designed by Danish designer Rikke Frost, is both eye-catching and forward-looking. The comfortable back and side cushions are reversible, doubling their lifespan, while the frame is built to last for generations. The sofa provides comfortable seating for three people.

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Height: 76 cm
Length: 227 cm
Depth: 97 cm
Seat height: 44 cm

framed for future use

One of the intriguing aspects of the Aware sofa is its iconic frame placement. Unlike traditional sofas that hide the frame beneath layers of fabric, this sofa boldly carries its frame on the outside.

According to designer Rikke Frost, this design choice isn’t just an aesthetic decision. This unique feature allows for easy replacement of textile parts, so when the time comes for reupholstering or disposal, the convenient disassembly process is a nod to responsible waste management.

Bouclé Bliss

The Ricco bouclé fabric adds an extra layer of tactile delight to the Aware sofa – soft to the touch and invitingly cozy. The unique texture of bouclé with its distinctive looped yarns not only offers a pleasing visual appeal but also enhances the tactile experience. The characteristic irregularity of the Ricco fabric makes every moment spent in this sofa a sensory journey.


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