Linoleum is a natural material with a tactile finish that is both warm and pleasant to the touch. Linoleum is anti-static, so it is easy to maintain, as it does not attract dust and dirt. Despite its matt surface, linoleum leaves no marks from fingerprints.

In addition, linoleum also resists minor scratches and stains due to the material’s regenerative properties, meaning that minor marks will disappear by themselves. However, as with other surface products, it is to be expected that signs of wear will occur over time.

Clean linoleum with a damp cloth, possibly with a neutral cleaning agent added, and wipe dry.

For a more thorough cleaning, we recommend that you first clean the surface with a damp cloth with a neutral cleaning agent and wipe with clean water. Then apply a linoleum care product that both cleans and cares for the linoleum. You should always follow the product’s instructions.