Primum SofaDesign: Bent Hansen Studio

Primum Sofa offers comfortable seating without taking up too much space. The 2-seater sofa is perfect for small living rooms or as a cosy addition to lounge or waiting areas. 

Like all the chairs in the Primum furniture series, this charming 2-seater sofa offers a unique combination of aesthetics and comfort due to its elegant design and flexible back support. 

Primum Sofa is  available with or without armrest.

L: 124 without arm rest
L: 140 with arm rest
Seat height: 38 cm
Seat depth: 52 cm

Fabric – click to view:

Leather – click to view:

Choose between:

Black powder-coated steel or brushed stainless steel.

1 coli:

width: 70 cm
height: 80 cm
length: 140 cm
0,8 m³
32 kg

A comfy 2-seater  sofa

Whether you want to stretch out solo or get comfy with a loved one, Primum 2-seater sofa is a stylish and yet comfortable choice.