MomentoDesign: Mariana Amado Trancoso

The wooden chair Momento consists of geometric shapes that  challenge the traditional way of building a dining chair. The back rest isn’t attached to the seat. Instead it meets in a precise, strong joint with the chair’s arm rests.

The chair is designed by the Portuguese architect Mariana Amado Trancoso, and her background in the field of architecture shines through in the chairs sculptural appearance.

This wooden chair is made in Europe of locally grown wood. The design requires a lot of time and effort. Momento is the result of a complex production process starting with carefully selecting the natural, solid wood. The chair is assembled from several individual pieces and the sanding process in itself takes several hours.

H: 73 cm
W: 49,5 cm
D: 48,3 cm
Seat height: 43,5 cm
Seat depth: 43,6 cm
Seat width: 49 cm, armrest height: 69 cm (measured 18 cm from front edge)

Oiled oak
Black painted beech

A chair or a  sculpture?

”Momento (the Portuguese word for moment) is designed to be in dialogue with the space that surrounds it. The chair’s sharp lines relate to elements such as walls, doors and ceilings. The slightly rounded backrest embraces the user, while the chair’s geometric and sculptural appearance enhances the identity of its surroundings. 

– Mariana Amado Trancoso