MarokkoDesign: Bent Hansen Studio

Marokko is a Scandinavian reinterpretation of the traditional North African pouffe.

Only a small rubber band at the top breaks Marokko’s clean surface that hides all the foam beads, which makes the pouffe comfortable to sit on.

Marokko comes in two variants, M48 or M55:

Polystyrene foam beads.

1 piece: 3,4 kg
width: 52 cm, height: 48 cm, length: 52 cm.
0,13 m3
1 piece: 3,6 kg
width: 62 cm, height: 57 cm, length: 43 cm.
0,15 m3

Put your feet up!

Piff, paff, pouffe – Marokko invites you to put your feet up and relax.