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We look forward to showcasing our novelty, Asger, during Denmark’s annual design event, 3daysofdesign, 16-18 September. Visit our showroom during the design days to explore our entire colaction.

Showroom address:
Bredgade 28, 1620 Copenhagen  

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In our showroom in Copenhagen you can explore our entire furniture collection. Book an appointment below.

Momento a chair or a sculpture?

The wooden chair Momento consists of geometric shapes that  challenge the traditional way of building a dining chair. The back rest isn’t attached to the seat. Instead it meets in a precise, strong joint with the chair’s arm rests.

The chair is designed by the Portuguese architect Mariana Amado Trancoso, and her background in the field of architecture shines through in the chairs sculptural appearance.

Upholstered furniture is where we come together, enjoy ourselves and relax. Your furniture becomes part of your daily life. Therefore, it is important that you choose a type of leather that suits the life you are living.

With this guide, we want to pass on our experience to you, so you have the best conditions to make the right choice when selecting and maintaining your upholstered furniture.

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