//  Marokko

Design: Bent Hansen Studio

Marokko is a Scandinavian reinterpretation of the traditional North African pouffe.

Only a small rubber band at the top breaks Marokko’s clean surface that hides all the foam beads, which makes the pouffe comfortable to sit on.

Round pouffe

M48: H: 35 cm, diameter 48 cm
M55: H: 37 cm, diameter 55 cm

Polystyrene foam beads

Fabric or leather of your choosing

1 piece: 3,4 kg
width: 52 cm, height: 48 cm, length: 52 cm.
0,13 m3
1 piece: 3,6 kg
width: 62 cm, height: 57 cm, length: 43 cm.
0,15 m3

Put you feet up!

Piff, paff, pouffe - Marokko invites you to put your feet up and relax.